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Gaidar Forum 2019. Expert Discussion ‘Sustainable Development Goals. Russian Business Impact’

RANEPA, Building 2, Floor 2, Room 277
Add to calendar 16-01-2019 14:00 01-01-1970 03:00 Europe/Moscow Gaidar Forum 2019. Expert Discussion ‘Sustainable Development Goals. Russian Business Impact’ 16 January 2019, 14:00 | RANEPA, Building 2, Floor 2, Room 277

The Gaidar Forum annually brings together all those, whose latest achievements have an impact on the social-and-economic development of regions and states. The participation in the Forum makes it possible to determine the prospects for further economic growth and integration of Russia into the global economy.
RANEPA, Building 2, Floor 2, Room 277
The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) are today the broadest and the most structured international agenda in the field of sustainable development. Over the past few years, Russian business has demonstrated unconditional and significant progress in understanding the peculiarities of its involvement in sustainable development processes in various aspects - thematic (priorities in implementing the SDG, areas of focus, motivation, expectations, etc.), structural and managerial (transformation of sustainable development management systems, transfer of responsibility in this area to a higher level of management, etc.), financial and investment (awareness of involvement in the global agenda is not only as a factor of cost reduction due to risks occurrence, but also as a factor for investment attractiveness, obtaining financial preferences, etc.).
At the same time, for the purpose of further qualitative step forward, considerable efforts and collective actions are needed to clarify this understanding and to move from discussing priorities to introducing a methodology to achieve them, to transforming business strategies and business models in the interests of the SDG, as well as to measuring specific practical results both in terms of socio-environmental effects, and in terms of growth and development of the business itself in a global economy.

Issues for Discussion:
  • Russia and the World: progress achieved in the implementation of sustainable development goals
  • Business and government: how to move from mutual expectations to interaction?
  • Lessons and practice of implementing sustainable development goals in Russia
Alexander Plakida, Executive Director, the Effective Healthcare Platform; Managing Partner, Alliance Consulting

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