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UN Global Compact Russia


Business and SDGs. Youth quiz-hackathon


On June 13 Deloitte and YOUNG GROUP SOCIAL (contest moderator) assisted the Russian Global Compact Local Network in holding new format of events for the support of the youth contest «Impact of Business. Local solutions to global problems».

Quiz-hackathon participants discussed SDGs as global program and local agenda for business. Does the business really need SDGs? Which new opportunities do the SDGs offer to business, society and the planet? What do the business practice and responsible companies approach look like? How can we involve the youth into discussion of SDGs? These and many other questions were discussed at the team quiz-hackathon. 

Experts - Inga Trofimova (Deloitte, Social Innovation Manager), Marina Vashukova (UN GC Russia, Executive director), Svetlana Gerasimova (MIRBIS, Department director), Elena Korotkova (the Head of ESG, Severstal), Vera Dadasheva (co-founder of Singularity University in Russia), Maxim Kochetkov, Julia Koroleva (Professor of Sustainability Management Sustainability Management School - SUMAS) - acted as team consultants observing projects development and assisting the participants in finding difference between businesses, committed to corporate responsibility values but acting inside their community or territory, and  companies involved in global agenda of SDGs. 

In particular, methodological differences promoted by UN Global Compact which emphasises  the necessity of business models transformation (apart from corporate responsibility) in favor of sustainable development and implementation of technological and media innovations as well as mental ones aimed at formation of brand new leader business thinking. Such approach leads to changes in all aspects - management and reporting system, establishing partnership, finance planning, investment etc.

Basing on expert advice, evaluation criteria, special materials and original ideas the participants presented two well-structured business projects.

The first team provided complex solution to CO2 emissions problem offering to use carbon dioxide in the process of accelerated plants and crops growing up. Maxim Kochetkov, one of the experts, noticed: «CO2 emissions and their utlisation is an urgent issue in our country. Emissions are enormous and nobody can offer any solution. There is no system which allows to capture CO2. This project has a good potential, with proper technical modification, it can offer an effective solution». 

The second team presented solution to the problem of garbage collection and plastics recycle. The main idea is to create a network of mini-workshops specializing in plastics pressing  and making different items out of recycled material for sale through sustainable supply chains. The project provides for social effects including possibility of job creating for vulnerable social groups. «The project covered very important aspect - motivation. The team took into account the issues which could influence minds and draw attention to the problem and included such important aspects as social impact and cross-sectoral partnership», - Svetlana Gerasimova  commented the presentation.

Both teams successfully presented their projects and joined casting-studio and participated in featuring of video materials for the youth contest and documentary film for the project  of the Russian Global Compact Local Network «Power of good».   

Companies considering social responsibility as business philosophy assume an obligation "Do no harm" which is a framework for responsible companies. Such companies enter new level of sustainable development, connect business and global agenda which is beneficial for communities and markets all over the world. Such companies seek for innovative decisions, join public-private partnership, strives to initiatives beyond following only ethical standards

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