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UN Global Compact Russia


IMPACT STYLE. New Issue of the UNGC Local Network Russia Digest


This issue is devoted mostly to the key results of 2017, that is why is so voluminous and extensive. The same was the year for us – full of business, events, meetings and dreams. We have been courageous in our intention to handle all new and unknown things. And we`ve managed!

At least, we managed the main challenge – to find ourselves in a list of confirmed role, to understand our own mechanic, and to reduce the number of declarative appeals for the sake of specific actions, projects and programmes. We felt reciprocity, we saw how doubts, caution and skepticism are overcome. We also felt how a community of Russian UN Global Compact participants is step by step adjusting to a new phase of its self-identification, becoming closer in a lest of values adheres – and Sustainable Development Goals. How new connections and horizons are formed, that are based at mutual understanding and interest to each other, to the objectives of companies, to personal and professional motivation of their representatives. That is why a lot of things came true. Something is still waiting for its time, favourable circumstances and new opportunities. Nevertheless, the main and the most pleasant consequence of the year – are the words ‘we’ and ‘together’ acquired the new sense. Presenting the first ever Russian programme at Geneva Forum on Business and Human Rights, we, without planning it in advance, event formed the short motto of this cohesion:

 Russia is unique, boundless, great, kind, different and very attractive... We love her, our homeland, our country. Loving your motherland does not mean screaming out patriotic slogans and refusing to see the difficulties and contradictions. To love your motherland is to cheer up for her – with all your soul, to be concerned about her – with all your heart. So, it means to devote her your time, work, creativity, and dreams. So, it means to strive for a dialogue with those who are moving forward, who are acting for the sake of a better future. To go together in the name of common values of humanism, peace, and human rights. We are responsible Russian business. And we know for sure that the financial success factors can not be the only guide to the future of Russia, to a better future for the whole world. We are aware of our environmental, social, moral and ethical obligations, our duty to a person and society. We transform our business thinking and commercial strategies for the sake of sustainable development. We want and are ready to discuss our growth points in this regard, build up competencies in the field of sustainable development by sharing experience with colleagues and partners from different countries. Good way to go, as we say in Russia!


Indeed, let’s continue this good way! Together!

Marina Vashukova, Executive Director of the Association «National Network of Global Compact»

The issue includes:


António Guterres. We Need an Outbreak of Diplomacy in the World

SDG Compass. Five Steps for Companies to Maximize their Contribution to the SDGs

Natalia Zaitseva. Sustainable Development and Russian Business: 5 Trends Setting the Scene

Diplomacy in Swimwear. Ice Reception of Lewis Pugh


Gavin Power. We are United by the Scale of Problems and Ambitions

 UN Global Compact. Key Events. Retrospective

Business Solutions for Sustainable Development. From the UNGC Progress Report 2017

John Elkington. Unprecedented Challenge of Tomorrow


Elena Feoktistova. Further from the Edge

 Main Outcomes of 2017

Strategy 2018 – 2019. Thematic Portfolio of Programmes and Projects

Impact of Business. Local Solutions to Global Problems. All-Russian Youth Contest

Ivana Modena. Sustainable Development is a Holistic Lifestyle

Dmitry Likhachev. ‘The Ends Justify the Means’ is Devastating and Immoral


Tatiana Akimova. Economic Basis of Sustainable Development

Articles & Interviews

António Guterres. UN must lead ‘surge in diplomacy’

Elena Feoktistova. Farther away from the brink

Diplomat in swimming costume. Icy reception by Lewis Pugh

Ivana Modena. Sustainable development is a holistic way of life.