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UN Global Compact Russia


Nornickel Drafting New CSR Report Following UN GC Priorities


MMC Norilsk Nickel retains leadership not only on the market of mining and metal production but also among Russian companies claiming their commitment to sustainable development goals. Confirming its commitment to the ideas of value management and responsible corporate behavior and considering best international practices, Nornickel joined the UN Global Compact in 2016. In this regards the company has launched the procedure of reconsidering the corporate social responsibility report in line with the requirements and priorities of the Initiative. 

UN GC calls for the development of heteromorphic dialogues as a transparent mean of receiving and processing reliable information on growing competences in the area of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development. Based on this trend, a new report model discussion was organized in the form of structured stakeholder discussions during the social technologies forums “We are Cities”. These forums are held by Nornickel in its host cities under the framework of the charity program “The World of New Opportunities” aimed at creation of favorable conditions and possibilities for sustainable regional development.

In 2017 such forums took place on March 2-3 in Zapolyarnyi (Murmansk region) and on March 17-18 in Norilsk (Krasnoyarsk krai). Stakeholder dialogues attracted participation of authorities, civil society and business delegates, representing host cities of Nornickel (Zapolyarnyi, Nickel, Monchegorsk, Norilsk, Dudinks, etc.), Murmansk region and Krasnoyarsk krai.

The priority topic of the 2016 report is company’s values, which will be analyzed in the report in light of achievements on corporate social and ecological responsibility and its impact on the development of society. The report will become an answer to the question of how the value-based activities of the company (reliability, responsibility, effectiveness, development, professionalism, and cooperation) allows contributing in many dimensions into various life aspects of stakeholders, achieving overall result, giving an opportunity to provide long-term sustainability, as well as development of employees, host territories, clients, state, etc.

The global context of examining this interaction is the UN GC principles and the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, which were chosen as a key topic for structured discussions with participation of Marina Vashukova, an Executive Director of the Association “National Global Compact Network”. As a result of work of 4 discussion rounds (“Environment protection”, “Human rights and population protection”, “Host cities development”, and “Industrial policy and industrial relations”) relevance evaluation of SDGs for territories and for Nornickel was collected, as well as their involvement into existing programs and in the draft report for 2016. The suggestions on more profound integration of UN GC and SDGs values into the concept of the company’s corporate social responsibility were formulated.

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