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UN Global Compact Russia


Regional Meeting of the UN GC Local Networks


On October 26 – 27 a traditional meeting of the European Local Networks of the UN Global Compact took place in Rome, Italy, in with the Russian Association ‘National Network of the Global Compact’ also participated.

The day before, on October 25, participants of the regional meeting received an opportunity to join the work of the conference ‘The Sustainable Development Goals: Experiences and Progresses on Their Implementation in Europe’ on the site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy, in which there met representatives of large business, governmental institutions and the UN Global Compact. The purpose of this Conference is to share insights into key policy, business and civil society organizations trends and developments on the SDGs within the European context in order to better understand the state of the play and promote collaboration at local, national and European level among all the different actors engaged in facing the sustainable development challenge.

During the forum, many companies presented their experience of implementing global goals at a local level. One of such companies is Enel, a significant player at a world energy market. Enel is an active UN Global Compact participant, including the involvement into recent Action Platforms, one of which, ‘Financial Innovations for the SDGs’ it is leading. At the same time, the company is paying a lot of attention to strengthening partner relations with academic and business partners, as well as with start-ups. One of the striking examples of such cooperation is an Enel project in Curibamba, Peru, where Enel is supporting inhabitants in setting up a business on production and sale of coffee, therefor contributing to the territory development.

26 and 27 October participants of the regional meeting of the European Local Networks of the UN Global Compact devoted to discussion of topical issues of the initiative functioning and, in particular, to the work at a local level. The stress was made both at strategic and technical aspects of work. Among other things, there was discussed a new Global Compact Strategy, which will enter in force on 1 January 2018, and changes related to it. Special attention was paid to the Global Compact value proposition – opportunities, which participants get from their involvement to the initiative’s work. Among the changes there are, for instance, and improved UN GC library. For a moment an electronic base already contains a significant amount of materials, but in the near future there will be added thematic material, created by recognized agencies, which will make easier to the participants access to leading resources on sustainability. Also, there was introduced the Navigator – a new digital platform of the Global Compact, which will present the opportunities of sectoral benchmarking and will offer advice adjusted for specific company needs. One more innovation will be the UN GC Academy, which will provide numerous learning opportunities for participants. Its launch is planned for December 2017.

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