Benefits of Participation

Meaningful Opportunities

— The institutional framework for the long-term sustainable development strategies and socially responsible corporate governance.

— Access to databases, knowledge, experience and activities of the United Nations.

— Communication with experts and leading UN experts, competent representatives from the UN Global Compact Local Networks.

— Exchange of experience in the area of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development at international events.

 Involvement in implementation of other UN programmes.

Business Interest

— Reduction of financial and management risks associated with responsibility for violation or omission of an act in the area of human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption.

— Improving local and global competitiveness through integration of conventional international principles of responsible business into business practices.

— Facilitating access to the investment capital in the context of responsible finance and investing practices.

— Expanding international business contacts and relationships throughout the world.

— Conditions for long-term sustainable development in the framework of multilateral cooperation.

Practices of responsible finance and investing imply granting financial resources based not only on commercial but also social, environmental and other significant outcomes and impacts. Practices of responsible finance and investing (including investors who have joined the UN Global Compact platform – Responsible Investments Initiative) are aimed at companies which demonstrate the results of implementing the sustainable development principles and development projects as well as have great potential for corporate social responsibility.

Goodwill and Image Dividends

— Additional opportunities to enhance goodwill, growth of confidence and credibility by raising transparency and responsibility of business practices, implementing high standards of non-financial reporting, respect for human values, national law and international standards of the United Nations.

— Expanding the audience, raising awareness, stimulating media interest in corporate cases.

— The right to use the world-renowned brand of the UN Global Compact – the «We support!» endorser logo.

Joining the Global Compact Network Russia – the Association “National Network of the Global Compact” – opens for the UN Global Compact participants additional opportunities – those mentioned above and stated below.

The Global Compact Network Russia is aimed to expand the pool of partners, develop and introduce new forms and formats of cooperation with federal, regional and local authorities, public associations, scientific and educational institutions in order to engage their participants in joint activities on promoting the relevant agenda in the area of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility in Russia.

Collaboration with the Global Compact Office

— Development of cooperation with the Global Compact Office and horizontal communication with the UN Global Compact Local Networks.

— Access to the forms of experience sharing and business communications between the Global Compact participants.

— Additional opportunities and resources offered by the Global Compact Office.

— Special work aimed to prevent exclusion of the participants from the initiative with regard to their failure to submit the non-financial report to the Global Compact Office.

Public Activities in Russia

— Promoting principles of social, environmental and other types of responsibility in the Russian society and business community for the future towards global sustainable development.

The Global Compact Network Russia collects and analyses information, current trends, best Russian and international practices, methodologies and approaches that are applied by business circles in the area of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development as well as creates an open database of Russian and international experts on the CSR and sustainable development issues.

Information and Analytical Support and Promotion

— Getting consultancy services for preparation of non-financial and sustainability reports.

— Participation in training workshops, professional development programs, information projects useful for the development in the area of corporate social responsibility and sustainability.

— Participation in integrated monitoring and regular surveys for the Network participants and business representatives reflecting their interests, expectations, needs etc. with regard to participating in the UN Global Compact and the Global Compact Network Russia.

The Global Compact Network Russia maintains the official Network’s website in Russian and English, plans to develop and advance other open Internet resources for the information support of its activities and promotion of the achievements of its participants. For the mentioned reasons, the Association develops publishing and educational resources, including the quarterly newsletter, the report (brochure) on the Network’s activities, issue brochures in different areas, complex information projects etc.