Association “National Network of the Global Compact” registered in Russia

In 2016, upon the decision of the General Meeting of the Global Compact Network Russia and under the advisory support of the UN Global Compact Office in New York and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, the Association “National Network of the Participants to the Global Compact for Implementing the Principles of Responsible Business in Corporate Practice” (short name the Association “National Network of the Global Compact”) is legally registered in Russia.

Among the founders of the Association are the companies, participants of the Global Compact Network Russia representing various economic sectors, as well as the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, one of the key actors in dialogue facilitation between the state, business and society in Russia and abroad.

The Association is a legal successor of the existed unincorporated Global Compact Network Russia which represents the interests of the Russian signatures of the Global Compact at the international level and serves as the official contact point between the UN Global Compact Office in New York and all stakeholders in Russia.

The transformation process of the Global Compact Network Russia as a legal entity was supported by the UN Global Compact Office in consistence with the Global Compact strategic priorities which are aimed at empowering the Local Networks, development of their activity standards and effective decision-making in the area of corporate responsibility, sustainable development and achievement of SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

Nearly half of 81 Global Compact Local Networks are legal entities, the experience of which confirms the benefits of such organizational and legal solutions. These include long-term sustainability, a stronger and more transparent management system, active promotion, financial security in the long term, no conflict of interest, high level of accountability, and transparency of management procedures. In addition, the UNDP Country Program, which hosted the Global Compact Network Russia, is closed in Russia. As agreed with the Government of Russia, UNDP does not initiate new projects, support development projects financially and technically, including the support for the Global Compact Network Russia.

Establishment of the Association will enable to maintain continuity of the history of the Global Compact Network Russia and significantly increase the scope of its activities. The concept of the organizational development of the Association is made in accordance with the current global trends in sustainable development and corporate social responsibility as well as the objectives of the Association as a public institution aimed at extension of business contacts and opportunities for the Russian private sector on the national and international levels, positive image making of the national business, and development of stable and open economy in Russia.

Dear participants of the Global Compact Network Russia, new partners and colleagues! We invite you to further dialogue and joint activities within mentioned and other relevant common goals. Become members and join the Association!