Russian UN GC Network Regional Programme Launched

Association ‘National Network of Global Compact’ launches its work on promotion the initiative values in Russian regions. One of the first events planned on this issue – Business breakfast with Anatoly Artamonov, the Governor of Kaluga region and business representatives of the region – took place on 17 March 2017 in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Kaluga.

“Russian UN Global Compact network has continued its extensive operations, uniting and presenting large business and its success to the world community. This success demonstrates the development of business culture in our country, focused not only on profit, but also on improving the surrounding community and society. At the same time, the role of such responsible business in economic development, socio-cultural infrastructural and other crucial areas is evident, as well as the increase of its quality in the presence regions. That’s why we’re extending our activities and are launching the regional programme on the UN Global Compact values promotion”, commented the Network chairperson Ms. L.E. Ovchinnikova on the initiative.

The Association intends to familiarize authorities, business, public leaders of Russian regions with opportunities and privileges of participation in the UN Global Compact and other international initiatives in the area of sustainable development, with which the GC cooperates. It aims to initiate discussion on Russian best practices and international experience on sustainable development, environmental protection, decreasing negative impact on climate, corporate ecological volunteering, and facilitation of social entrepreneurship development. The Association is committed to engage the Network’s experts, its partners and UN agencies into elaboration of efficient decisions on sustainable development of the regions with business involvement in a mutual cooperation regime. 

“We want to demonstrate how can be shortened the path from a separate company a region to the platforms on which global agenda is discussed”, underlined the Network chairperson.

 Anatoly Artamonov took a favourable view of the cooperation prospects under the framework of suggested agenda. “Global Compact principles to large extent affects the interests of the region in solving numerous social issues. They are human ecology, health and welfare, clean water and many others”, highlighted the governor. He recommended the directors of the Kaluga CCI and the Ministry of Economic Development of the region to communicate the benefits of participation in GC to the regional business community.

The Regional programme of the Association ‘National Network of Global Compact’ is being launched jointly with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Russia and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation. The programme enforcement plan will be aimed at forming long-term regional partnerships and projects on sustainable development, creating conditions for a productive intersectoral dialogue on this topic, using the international experience, integration of Russian regions into international initiatives on sustainable development, environmental and climate protection, corporate social and ecological responsibility (Sustainable Development Goals, UNEP, UN Global Compact, etc.). It will also focus on searching for optimal models in the entities of the Russian Federation and improving the quality of life in cities and regions of Russia considering contemporary international standards and global factors.

As a pilot entity for this systematic work Krasnoyarsk krai was chosen, apart from Kaluga region.

News and a picture on the official website of the Kaluga region authorities (in Russian)