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Global Compact – Global Goals. Best Practices


Global Goals Yearbook 2018 of the UN Global Compact (previously Annual Best Practice Connection) has been released. Its major topic is a new form of partnership between the public and the private sector as well as the civil society, boosted by the SDGs and Paris Climate Agreement, and to the way in which these new partner relations can influence achieving the Global Goals.

The Global Goals Yearbook has been published for almost 10 years under the auspices of the macondo foundation – a non-profit organization founded by Marion and Elmer Lenzen, pioneers in corporate sustainability communication. The macondo foundation has been among the very first publishers worldwide to join the UN Global Compact and the Global Reporting Initiative. According to the team of the foundation, Global Goals Yearbook of the UN GC offers new detailed information on sustainable development, stimulates unique and overwhelming knowledge exchange and education on Sustainable Development Goals and the 10 Principles of the Global Compact.

Yearbook-2018 reviews multiple ways of improving interaction of private sector with all its stakeholders and provides recommendations aimed at reviewing models of multilateral partnerships and processes, social investing for achieving bigger mutual trust, forming the partnership culture and at developing the system of indicators and monitoring its results. The special attention is paid to financing new partner relations and sustainable development itself, demands in which, as assessed by the UN, reaches US$ 4.5 trillion annually, considering that current investment flow equals approximately US$ 1.5 trillion. To reduce this gap we need introducing a new concept of finance and investment, which assumes investment return to the SDGs, combining social benefits with profit.

Yearbook includes assessments and arguments of scientific and business experts, the World Bank, the Club of Rome, UN agencies, etc., and also, in line with the idea of role models studying, 39 best practices of corporate UN GC participants, demonstrating various approaches to SDGs integration.

Sakhalin Energy has become the only Russian company to have its experience showcased in the Yearbook. The Company shared its best practice of establishing and maintaining partnerships with Sakhalin libraries via a network of information centres at district and rural libraries. The first information centre was launched in 2008 for prompt and efficient engagement with local communities. Twenty-three information centres are currently successfully operating in communities around the Company's facilities. Each information centre has all the necessary office equipment, a PC with access to the Internet and an information board, thus also contributing to the enhancement of the libraries’ potential. Three to five thousand Sakhalin residents visit the Company's information centres annually. Statistically, the most popular targets of such visits are to request information about the Sakhalin-2, to enquire about employment with the project or to join the Company's social programmes and public actions. Especially popular with the local residents are Sakhalin Energy's corporate publications: Vesti newsbulletin, series of books about the nature of Sakhalin Island, Sustainable Development Reports, etc.

Companies can apply for the inclusion of their practices into the next Yearbook of the UN GC via the Local Network or directly to the publishing group.


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