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Transformers: Age of Development


Experience of ‘Sakhalin Energy’ company on implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is reflected in the annual collection of good practices of the UN Global Compact (The UN Global Compact International Yearbook) for 2017

‘Sakhalin Energy’ company is an active and one of the most consistent participants of the United Nations Global Compact, maintaining close links with the initiative. Over a number of years, the company has been in an integrated way introducing the Global Compact Principles, and then SDGs, and has gone to great lengths to have the right to share its experience on international platforms of the UN GC, which treats the company among the leaders. 

That is fair enough, considering that ‘Sakhalin Energy’ runs a considerable number of practical leadership tools. One of them is an effective and recognized grievance mechanism.  Sakhalin Energy became one of five companies worldwide to test the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights related to corporate grievance mechanisms and participated in the development of the Oil and Gas Sector Guide on implementing these Principles.

The company ‘Sakhalin Energy’ has paid close attention to the development of its host territory – Sakhalin Island. Significant and consistent investments in the social sphere as well as long-term policies focused on addressing social issues are the core of Sakhalin Energy’s commitment to sustainable development principles. In the area of social investments, Sakhalin Energy focuses on implementing strategic, long-term partnership projects with external stakeholders, as well as other sustainability practices, including programmes on occupational health and safety, environmental protection, regular environmental control, local eco-monitoring, biodiversity, etc.

‘Today goals of international community are closely intertwined with the goals of a business community. Many companies in their activities are trying ti stick to 17 SDGs, having an understanding that such ambitious targets can be met only together’, commented on the publication Natalia Gonchar, Head of Social Performance of Sakhalin Energy Investment Company. ‘Not only society and governments, but also business more than ever face problems of building fair markets, combatting corruption, environmental protection, ensuring social integration, poverty alleviation, the planet protection and securing universal peace and prosperity. Our material, published in The UN Global Compact International Yearbook, is devoted to practical terms of these issues. As far as the Global Compact Yearbook is a kind of a training tool, the company’s experience will be useful while meeting the SDGs for other participants of the Russian Global Compact Network and for the whole business community.

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